Georg Harlmaier

Induction Year: 
Ski Pioneer
Ski Sport Innovator


Georg Harlmaier arrived at Brian Head, Utah in 1964 to help establish a ski resort in southern Utah.  He was a very influential person in the development and growth of Brian Head and was the first Mountain Manager and Ski School Director of the resort.

Georg and his wife Stefanie started "Georg's Ski Shop" in 1964 and served skiers from Salt Lake City, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Georg Hartlmaier was Austrian certified in 1962, and became PSIA full certified in 1967.  He served on the Board of Directors for two terms as well as an examiner.  Georg was a member of the Division Demo Team.

Georg was a world-class ski racer and mountain climber.  The highlight of his climbing experiences was to scale Mt. Everest.

Georg Hartlmaier is an honorary life-time member of PSIA and one of a small group to be named an honorary member of Alta's Alf Engen Ski School.