Skiing a Way of Life; Saga of the Engen Brothers Alf, Sverre and Corey

Skiing a Way of Life; Saga of the Engen Brothers Alf, Sverre and Corey by Sverre Engen; Copyright, 1976. Out of print; Limited number of copies available; Collector's item. Sold only through the Alf Engen Ski Museum. 6 x 9 inches; 211 pages. Forward by Lowell Thomas.  Your price $9.95

"I first heard of the Engen brothers when they were featured in one of our Fox Movietone newsreels some four decades ago.  It was the only time we ever saw three skiers take off from a jumping hill at the same time.  I wish all American skiers could ski with the Engens.  Second best is to read their story as told by Sverre.  If you are one of the millions who ski, you will be fascintated by his book."  Lowell Thomas, journalist, from the foreword.

This delightful book, full of humorous stories told only in the way the late Sverre Engen could tell them, documents the story of the Engen brothers and their impact on the sport of skiing.  Those interested in the history of snow safety will find the story of Sverre's job as the first designated snow ranger in the country fascinating.  Behind the scenes anecdotes describe the glory days of ski jumping from an insider's experience, including an on-site personal description of the tragic accident that left ski racer Jill Kinmont badly injured.  On the lighter side, one excerpt from the book relates the difficulty with which some people pronounced the three brothers' names:

"A friend told us that he once overheard some spectators talking as they watched us take part in the Snow Cup race at Alta (which Corey won three times).  One said, "Here comes Car Engine." The other said, "Yes, and he's running smoothly on all eight."  To which the first replied, "His brother, Spare, should be right behind him."