Ski & Snow Country

Ski & Snow Country The Golden Years of Skiing in the West, 1930s - 1950s by Ray Atkeson and Warren Miller. ISBN0-9636144-5-2; Hardback; 9 1/4 x 8 3/4; 120 pages. 

The early, romantic days of skiing in the West - the 1930s,'40s and '50s - were a time of glamour and great excitement.  Hollywood movie stars in the latest snow fashions shared chairlifts with the originators of "extreme" skiing.  Skiers zoomed down the mountains with primitive equipment, relying on enthusiasm and their own brand of skill to take them successfully to the botton.

That era of fun and elegance was captured on film by famed outdoor photographer Ray Atkeson and ski moviemaker Warren Miller, who became friends in Squaw Valley in 1949.  In this nostalgic tour of an earlier time, Miller reminisces about the places, people, and props that color the history of skiing in the West.  His lively, firsthand account of the events that populate this unequaled photo collection is fascinating reading.   From the book jacket