The Uphill Racer

The Uphill Racer, An Autobiography by Mel Dalebout  6 x 9 inches, 105 pages. Retail: $25.00; Your price $9.95

Mel Dalebout, skier, engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and owner of Daleboot USA, tells his inspiring story of how and why he became one of Utah's outstanding pioneers in ski technology.  In 1967, Mel was talking with famed journalist Lowell Thomas at Alta when a skier walked by in a pair of solid Rosemont ski boots.  As he says, "The light went on in my head, and the direction of my ski boot design took hold."  The book chronicles Dalebout's ups and downs and encounters with a variety of celebrities for whom he custom made ski boots, but he states that the main objective of the book is, " show young people that with the right attitudes it is very possible to succeed in the work they want to pursue." 

"The book that Mel has written is a wonderful testimonial to a person who had an initial vision for providing a ski innovation to enhance the enjoyment of skiing.  Through hard work and overcoming many technical and financial obstacles, Mel has become recognized as one of the nation's, if not world's, leading ski boot manufacturer."  Alan K. Engen, ski historian, in the forward.