Stein Eriksen: The Father of Freestyle Skiing

Stein Eriksen  (1927-2015)

Recognized as the "father of freestyle," Stein Eriksen was a handsome, stylish and charismatic figure.  Stein was born in Olso, Norway on December 11, 1927.  Stein's interest in the Olympics and skiing was gained by observing his father, a skier and Olympic gymnast.  Stein trained as a gymnast and skier and went on to become an Olympic Champion, winning gold in giant slalom and silver in slalom at the 1952 Olympics in Oslo, Norway.

The decision to move to the United States was made shortly after his success in the 1952 Olympics.  While still ski racing for Norway, Eriksen became a ski instructor at Sun Valley, Idaho.  In fact, Stein was the ski director at various resorts in such locations as Boyne Mountain, Michigan; Sugarbush, Vermont; Heavenly, California; Snowmass and Aspen, Colorado; Park City Mountain Resort, and ultimately Deer Valley, Utah.

Stein was, and still is, a role model for those who strive for success and recognition in the sport of skiing.  He will forever be remembered for his outstanding accomplishments and refusal to let fame get in the way of his way of life.