Team 2002 - The Volunteers

An army of 26,000 trained, efficient volunteers made the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games one of the most welcoming and successful in history. This display highlights through photos and text, the contributions made by the volunteers of Team 2002.

Additionally, a new component of this exhibit was installed in 2019 showcasing the volunteer uniforms. Jackets of red, blue, yellow and green - each signifying the volunteer area of service, take us back to those magical three weeks when Team 2002 dotted the hills and valleys in these colorful uniforms.

BLUE uniforms were worn by Salt Lake Organizing Committee staff and officials.

GREEN uniforms indicated Field of Play volunteers, who helped prepare and maintain the Games’ competition venues and sites.

YELLOW uniforms were worn by Guest Services volunteers who helped welcome the thousands of people visiting for the Games.

RED uniforms identified medical volunteers and EMTs who served during the Games.