Nomination Process for Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame

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Nomination and Election Process

The Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame commemorates individuals who have recorded exemplary achievements in skiing/snowboarding competition; innovation and development; and/or made significant contributions to the overall promotion of skiing/snowboarding in the Intermountain Region (Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming).  

The Alf Engen Ski Museum will administer the Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame under the direction of the Hall of Fame Committee, which is part of the Board of Trustees of the Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation. A Selection Committee, reporting to the Hall of Fame Committee, will be responsible for vetting the nominations as they are submitted to make sure they are complete and meet the criteria for membership in the Hall of Fame. They are also responsible for selecting and submitting the final slate of potential inductees to the Voting Panel for final selection of the yearly class of Inductees. This Selection Committee is comprised of 13 individuals with an extensive knowledge of and passion for ski and snow sports history in the Intermountain West.

The Museum's responsibilities include:

  • Official acceptance of the new inductees at the Foundation Board of Trustees spring meeting
  • Official notifaction of the new inductees
  • Providing and installing the Ski Hall of Fame plaques
  • Hosting an annual Ski Hall of Fame induction ceremony in an appropriate venue


Definitions of Categories

Nominees must fit into one or more of the following categories to qualify for the Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame:

1. Ski Competition - Individuals who achieve notoriety and success as racers, coaches, officials, event organizers, and timers; in alpine, cross country, jumping, Nordic, Nordic combined, freestyle, snowboarding, telemark, gelande, jumping, and biathlon skiing.

2. Ski Pioneers – Individuals who develop ski areas and ski facilities including, but not limited to Heli-skiing, back-country access, and back country, skiing/snowboarding and mountaineering.

3. Ski Innovators - Individuals who significantly contribute to the development of the skill, practice, and promotion of skiing, including ski school directors, instructors, educators, journalists, snow safety experts, ski equipment designers, ski retailers, and volunteers.

4. Inspirational Skiers – Individuals who are recognized for their skill and prowess in the sport of skiing.

Nomination and Selection Process

Anyone may nominate a deserving individual as a candidate for selection to the Hall of Fame. Here is a step-by-step outline of the nomination and election process:

  1. Rules of Governance: Become familiar with the selection process as outlined in the Hall of Fame’s Rules of Governance. These rules specify the details of the process. They are reviewed annually to ensure that they serve the purpose of selecting candidates fairly and openly. The Rules of Governance can be obtained from the links above.
  2. Nomination Form: A standard form has been developed for nominations. All nominations must use this form and may be obtained from the links above.

Supporting Material below must accompany a nomination. Nominations lacking will be pended and the nominator will be notified of missing items.

· A fully completed Nomination Form.

· A cover letter from the Nominator detailing the reasons for the nomination.

· Two (2) seconding letters in support of the nominee.

· A short half-page biography (maximum of 200 words) in a format suitable for publication excerpted from the long biography

· A long biography used to support the nomination that will inform, educate, and describe the contributions, accomplishments exploits, and history, of the nominee. Emphasis should be placed on describing what the nominee has accomplished outside of their area of expertise (maximum of 2 pages or 1,000 words).

· One (1) headshot photo and nine (9) photos suitable for publication.

The nomination should not exceed ten (10) pages, exclusive of photos.

  1. Timeline: The annual deadline for all nominations is March 1st. The selection timeline is specified in the Rules of Governance and is outlined below as well.  All nominations must arrive with a completed nomination form and all supporting materials before this date.
  2. Biographical Form: The key part of the application is both biographical forms.  The long biography should be used to support the nomination and will inform, educate, and describe the contributions, accomplishments exploits, and history, of the nominee. Emphasis should be placed on describing what the nominee has accomplished outside of their area of expertise.  The short half-page biography should be in a format suitable for publication and be excerpted from the long biography.
  3. Categories: There are four categories for nominations:
    • Ski Competition
    • Ski Pioneers
    • Ski Innovators
    • Inspirational Skiers
  4. Selection Committee: Each completed nomination application is reviewed in March by the Selection Committee, whose members are regarded as experts in the field and are appointed by the Hall of Fame Chairman. The committee looks closely at each application to ensure the candidate has met the criteria for contribution to the sport in the Intermountain region. Unsuccessful candidates from prior years are also considered and remain in the candidate pool. The Committee then votes on the candidates to be placed on the election ballot.
  5. Voting Panel: A ballot containing the selected candidates in each category is sent to a voting Panel in March/April. The panel may elect up to three people to be inducted.
  6. Board of Trustees Certification: Following the election the Board of Trustees of the Alf Engen Ski Museum will review and certify the election.
  7. Announcement: Following certification, the Alf Engen Ski Museum will publicly announce the successful new inductees.
  8. Induction: An induction ceremony is held each Fall at the appropriate location.


Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame Timeline

March 1: Deadline for the receipt of fully completed candidate packages.

March/April: Official Ballot sent to the Voting Panel

April: Balloting deadline and submission of the election results to the Alf Engen Ski Museum.


- Board of Trustees meets to accept the Voting Panel's selection of inductees.

- Winners are advised.

- Announcement of the inductees for the Induction Ceremony in the Fall.

May/June: The Staff of the Alf Engen Ski Museum works with the inductees to finalize the information, images, and videos needed for the Induction Ceremony.

August: Induction Ceremony